Saturday, August 20, 2011


For many years in my life i  always get confused by the traffic signs that read ''NOT A THROUGH STREET''. The word Through  can be defined two ways. 
  1. finished: I am through with my cup.
  2. to pass through : I went through hell and back.
I would always read it as "not a 'complete' street''  or "not a finished street" . It wasn't until I realized I had been ''misreading'' these signs since I was 8 years old. NOW I KNOW THAT ''NOT A THROUGH STREET'' MEANS ''THIS STREET DEAD ENDS''. Yes you would think ''context'' would have clued me in!!! I know, I know! Yes I can read, yes I am intelligent, and yes I have always had a large vocabulary. Yes I have my AA degree. Why in the world can this intelligent young woman misread a simple sign?!? How on earth can I miss it?

I think 4 little letters "ADHD" and it's paradoxes and mysteries might be part of it.  While I can take all those biology classes , neuroscience classes, physics and math, psychology, and history, yet I can't read a SIMPLE sign? The funny thing is I did finally figured it out, it just took me 14 years. How many other ''simple'' things that I(we) miss? 

"Simple'' is some times uninteresting. Sometimes we are contemplating our dreams, fantasies, the things we learned in class, or thinking about how we want to write that poem, how  we want to write that computer program, book, blog, novel or what ever pulls our curiosity, interest and creativity. Something new, complex, different that we can create and leave behind in this world. Finding our own way through our journeys. We keep exploring, engineering, connecting, growing, learning, making a difference until we are through with our time on this planet.