Thursday, October 14, 2010

my first post

I just figured out how to create my own blog. This is totally cool. Now I can speak my ADD/ADHD voice/mind any time I want. This is totally cool, or at least I think so. I never even knew I could create my own blog for free. I need to tell my mom about this too. I totally love this, I mean really love this. I know, most people probably already knew this, but sometime I have to figure out these things for myself. The great thing is that I usually can figure these things out. It is almost more fun that way than being told how to do these things. I will post more meaty blogs in the future, but I just want to break the ice and experience what it's like before I get serious or humorous. You got to love my ADD/ADHD mind/voice. More to come as I grow as a blogger. LOL