Monday, January 16, 2012

Curiosity and medications

I couldn't find my Focalin XR this morning, so I took some of my Ritalin instead. I later found my bottle of Focalin XR this afternoon. I have always taken my stronger stimulants in the morning and my weaker ones in the afternoon or early evening. My ADD/ADHD moment, that is, not being able to find my Focalin XR in the morning led me to a surprising discovery. That if I take my stronger stimulant in the afternoon or evening that I can get a surprising amount of things done. This leaves me to ponder about medications and biorhythms.

Would ADD/ADHD meds work even better if they are aligned with our biorhythms instead of the standard day? I noticed on Christmas eve, that when I took my Focalin XR later in the day, I was able to do my best job at accolyting ever. Today, I've noticed that I am able to plan, think, even write this blog. I for the life in me for the last 2 months kept thinking I need to blog, I need to welcome people in/on ADDer World, I need to get back on facebook and what not. I for some reason couldn't seem to do any of it. All of the wonderful tools, strategies, coaching training, and education about ADHD I have were no match for my challenge.

Nothing about my life has changed. My laptop still hasn't been fixed, I am still having issues with my netbook, my meds aren't back up to the dosages I was originally on. The only thing I changed is the timing of my strong dosages on my ADD/ADHD meds. Note: I am not advocating anyone to change their meds, dosages, or timing without first talking with a doctor, but I am saying consider the impact your ADD/ADHD meds might have on your life if you could take them during peak times instead of downtimes. I am definitely going to discuss this with my doctor about aligning my meds and dosages with my biorhythms.

I challenge anyone who reads this blog to observe their meds and when they get maximum effectiveness. Learning one's biorhythms is important for many aspects of living well as humans and critical for those of us with ADD/ADHD/

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  1. Good post. I challenge anyone to say the word "biorhythm" to their MD and see what kind of look they get. Good luck, and I mean it. So much is left to the patient to work out, and then if doctors would listen and think with us, it would be superior help, don't you think?