Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gift of ADHD


  1. Thanks for posting this video Sarah, I just posted it on our social network as well :) It troubles me that Lara's message get so distorted and yet it is a simple thing which has been used since the dawn of man, to nurture talents and not focus on weaknesses.

  2. You're welcome Bryan:)I haven't read her book yet, but I watched her videos and I think she says it very well. I feel the ones, who diss her don't understand the principles of overcoming. They seem to think we are unaware of our challenges and readily remind us of them. She comes from the point of view of how can we use what is there. These people who are our naysayers don't understand us and don't understand that you have to work with the resources you have. I listened to the kid they had on there, I don't think he's unaware of his challenges. It's just he's transformed them into gifts and assets. I don't know why they have to attack us every time we accomplish from our ADHD rather than despite of it. The only thing that makes since is that they are expressing their prejudice towards us. They don't want us to become their equal. But what they don't realize is that I am already their equal. I add to the diversity rather than subtract from the diversity.