Thursday, October 14, 2010

Links: social networks and blogs
This link is to the social network: Moms with ADD/ADHD
Started by Terry Matlen.
These 2 links were started by Bryan Hutchinson. The first one is a social network and the second one is his blog.
This link is to the social network: Women With ADHD ADD
Started by Terry Matlen and Tara McGillicuddy
This link is to my facebook group: "ADHD Support and Information"
I have posted lots and lots of links to various sites there.
I know this isn't an ADHD social network per se, but it still might be helpful to connect with people with a variety of challenges.
This blog is by Tammy Murphy. It's her musings on raising her AD/HD son and family life. Great resource for parents of AD/HD children.
Thia blog is by Jeff Hamilton.

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