Friday, May 13, 2011

how to break the comparison game

Well first of I stopped the comparison game along time ago. I did this by stepping back, pausing, and asking myself: what specifically is it about this person I truly admire? How can I develop this trait or characteristic in a way that works for me?

Those of us with ADDult ADD/ADHD, need to beware of the comparison game that can crush our self-esteem. If you can't stop comparing your self with others, turn it around like I did. But also keep in mind these people aren't you and they don't face the same challenges as you, and realize that they might have challenges in areas you don't. We all have different genetics, different bodies, different personalities, different brains, different challenges, talents and strengths in different areas. It is in our differences we get insights and ideas, it is in our collective differences and similarities that we can solve this puzzle that we call life.

This blog post was inspired by an article on ADDitude Magazine's website blog. The following link,
Facebook, Self-esteem, and Adult ADD ADHD, allows you to go read the original article.

I challenge those, who read this blog and the article to ask themselves this: What trait/characteristic to I admire about this person? How can I apply this idea in an ADD/ADHD friendly manner, without beating myself up or forgetting who I really am?


  1. Thanks for sharing Sara, I will read that article.

  2. Thanks I really needed that today. I tend to compare myself to others all the time